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Our designers research the latest trends in home fragrance and décor in order to provide you with the highest quality products that you have come to expect from us...

Each Wax Warmer, AromaBreeze Unit, and Essential Oil Diffuser is created to suit any taste with a wide variety of designs that complement any setting. Wax Warmers are paired with our exquisitely diverse assortment of long-lasting, Highly Fragrant Wax Cubes, while our line of decorative Diffusers pair with our line of 100% Pure Essential Oils, for a refreshing experience in any location in your home or office. Trendy and stylish, ScentSationals products are the hottest thing in new design and trends!

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Our Warmers are made with innovative designs, unique finishes, and quality materials to ensure that our customers receive the best product for the best price.

Wall Accents

Newly developed is our wall accent warmer, which emphasizes beautiful light, mounts flush against the wall creating a decorative plug cover and seamless design.


AromaBreeze will add décor to your home and fill it with a kid and pet friendly, long-lasting fragrance. With our new Cool Whisper Fan, AromaBreeze safely “spins” fragrance into the air. Simply choose from a variety of fragrances, place the Halo over the base of the fan, replace the decorative sheath, and turn on.