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Frequently Asked Email Questions


How long will a ScentSationals Fragrance Cube last?
We suggest warming your fragrance cube for one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening, this will leave your home with a lasting aroma.

The amount of time a fragrance lasts depends on several factors: The size, temperature and humidity of the room in which the wax is melting and your own personal biological sense of smell (how you personally perceive various scents plays an important role in how long a scent seems to last to you). Each fragrance lasts a different amount of time; softer scents such as some florals and mints don't last as long as stronger scents such as those found in baked goods fragrances.


What wattage of light bulbs do ScentSationals Warmers use?
ScentSationals Warmers use a small, candelabra-based 25 watt light bulb for our Full-Size Warmers and a 15 watt bulb for our Accent Warmers to generate enough heat to melt our low melting point wax fragrance cubes. These bulbs can be found at Walmart and on our website. 


Where can I purchase extra light bulbs?
Any small, candelabra-based 25 watt bulb can be used in your ScentSationals Full-Size Warmer. You can pick them up at most stores where light bulbs are sold. You can also find them at Walmart and on our website at


Are ScentSationals Warmers ETL listed?
Yes, ScentSationals Warmers are ETL listed, you can find the ETL sticker directly on the warmer and on the packaging the warmer comes in.


How do I switch the scented wax in a ScentSationals Warmer?
To recycle/reuse melted wax, simply remove the wax melting dish from the warmer and pour the wax into its empty fragrance cube container. Otherwise, discard the wax into a disposable container and wipe the dish clean with a paper towel; you are now ready to add a new fragrance cube.


Can I mix fragrance cubes of different scents?
Absolutely! It's similar to mixing two different flavors of jelly beans to create a whole new flavor. Simply choose your favorite ScentSationals Fragrance Cubes and put them into the warmer together and voila! You have a fresh, custom scent all your own. We have recently created a line called “Fusion” for the purpose of mixing any of these scents together in this line to create a new amazing fragrance. Have fun mixing & melting.


How hot does the wax get?
The wax heats to just above body temperature. So while it feels warm to the touch, it will not burn you or your loved ones.


Where are these available?

You can find ScentSationals Warmers and Fragrances in Walmart's across the US and Canada and in, HEB, Meijer and online at


Coupons? Sales? Promo Codes?
Join our email group and get announcements on deals and sales! Just click here!

You can also follow us on Facebook for additional promotions and giveaways. 


Are your old fragrances still available?
Just because a fragrance is currently discontinued doesn't mean we won't ever bring it back. Let us know which fragrance you hope to bring back and we will put your suggestions in.


Consulting/Sales Rep opportunities?
Our business model is retail and web sales only. We are focused on that and have no plans to use a direct sales approach. While we know it is fun and can be lucrative to host home parties or use other direct selling methods in promoting this type of product, they tend to add layers of cost. Our goal is to provide the opportunity for EVERYONE to be able to afford and enjoy the product at the lowest cost possible, even on a limited budget. We feel going directly to the low-priced mass retailers is the best way to do that.


What is the difference between ScentSationals and other brands?
You can view are large selection of beautiful wickless candles and highly scented wax cubes at:!


Do you ship outside the US?
Yes, we currently ship to Canada and to APO/FPO boxes for those in the Military


I broke a lid to my Warmer, how do I get a replacement? 
You can contact our customer Support at and we can see if we have a replacement lid for your warmer, if we do not have the exact warmer lid, we will find one that fits and looks great. 


I just bought a new warmer this afternoon, but the wax is not melting. It has been on for several hours. What do I do?
A customer figured out the answer on her own: “Mystery solved!!! I turned off my ceiling fan to clean it... And the wax melted!!!” 

If you do not have a ceiling fan or air conditioner blowing near your warmer, check to make sure your bulb is a 25 watt for a Full-Size Warmer and a 15 watt for an Accent Warmer.  If it's still not melting please contact customer support at


What are some Pleasant Masculine Fragrances?

  • Bourbon

  • Smoked Vanilla

  • Black Pepper

  • Tabac

  • Oud Noir

  • White Oak 

  • Illusion


    I just bought a warmer from Walmart and it isn’t working.

    If you have tried the warmers in different plugs in your home to make sure the electrical outlet is working, and have checked the bulb to make sure it isn’t burnt out, please return the warmer to Walmart for a refund/exchange or in-store credit. If there is any trouble exchanging this through Walmart, please let us know and we’d be happy to help.


    Can the paint come off the lid when it gets hot? 
    Our Warmer lids are glazed and fired so they should never have this issue. If for some reason there is an issue, please contact our Customer Support at 877-313-1045.


    The Owl Warmers are a huge trend, where can I find them?   
    The Owl Warmers are available at Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Meijer and on our website. 


    Do you offer a print catalog of your products?
    We currently do not have a catalog for the products on our website. You are welcome to scroll through the site and place an order directly from there. 

    How often do you change the melted wax?
    The waxes vary in potency of fragrance and how long they last. We suggest warming a cube for 1-2 hours in the morning and 1-2 hours in the evening, this will help the wax cube last longer and will leave the scent lingering in your home. If you like the fragrance a bit stronger, you can leave it on for multiple hours and switch the cubes out when you notice the scent fading.


    The instructions say to pull the plug out when not in use, is this necessary?
    To be extra safe, the instructions recommend removing plug (units with cord or Accent Warmer) from the wall outlet.  The switch does turn the warmers off and should be sufficient on a daily basis.  If you are leaving for a significant amount of time (your discretion as to how long a significant amount of time is) you may want to pull the plug out for an added safety measure.  For sure, leave the Accent Warmer connected until your wax cools and solidifies to avoid spillage.


    I am looking to purchase an automatic timer that is mentioned on the safety instruction sheet but I do not see it on your website. 
    This is just a helpful hint about automatic timers that you can buy from hardware stores to turn lamps on and off while you’re away.  You would just turn the warmer to the ‘on’ position and use the timer to turn it on and off for the time you set.  Refer to the directions included with the particular timer you purchase for instructions for use.


    How can I make the fragrance cubes last longer? 
    Be sure to use ScentSationals Fragrance Cubes in a ScentSationals Warmer. We are known for how long our fragrances last. We suggest warming 1 fragrance cube for 1-2 hours in the morning and 1-2 hours in the evening. This will help the scent linger throughout your home and help the wax cubes last longer. If you have a really big room that you are warming the fragrance in, you could add another cube, but 1 cube should be enough for most rooms. 


    How do I get on your newsletter mailing list to receive info on specials?  

  • 1. Create an account by going to our home page and clicking “New Customer”

  • 2. Enter your email and a password that you choose (6 or more digits with numbers and letters)

  • 3. Enter your shipping info

  • 4. Your account is created!

  • 5. Then scroll down about halfway and look at the left side of the page.  There is a bar that has the word “Join” next to it.  Type your email address in and click “join” 

  • 6. You’re on the mailing list!


    You can also follow us through social media for additional promotions and giveaways:

  • 1. Turn your warmer on for 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening to fill your home with your favorite fragrance. The scent will linger most of the day and conserve the fragrance in the wax so it lasts longer.

  • 2. Use timers to turn the warmers on and off, that way you always have a fragrant home or office without having to remember to turn the warmer on and off. Be sure to use timers that are properly rated for this appliance.

  • 3. You may use more than one cube in your warmer to add to the amount of fragrance released into the room. (our fragrances are strong enough that in most cases one cube will be perfect). Due to different sizes and capacities of fragrance trays in our warmers, we recommend starting by using one cube first, then adding another later as tray space and fragrance needs permit.

  • 4. Be careful not to over-fill your warmer, as you don't want wax to overflow onto your counter or furniture.

  • 5. Store your fragrance wax cubes in a cool, dry place. Never leave them in a car or other warm location as the wax is designed to melt at low temperatures and could leak out of the container.


    If you have any suggestions or questions about our FAQ sheet, please feel free to email us.



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