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Frequently Asked Email Questions
How long will a ScentSationals Fragrance Cube's fragrance last?
The amount of time a fragrance lasts depends on several factors: The size, temperature and humidity of the room in which the wax is melting and your own personal biological sense of smell (how you personally perceive various scents plays an important roll in how long a scent seems to last to you). Each fragrance lasts a different amount of time; softer scents such as some florals and mints don't last as long as stronger scents such as those found in baked goods fragrances.

What is the wattage on the light bulb the ScentSationals Warmers use?
ScentSational Warmers use a small, candelabra-based 25 watt light bulb to generate enough heat to melt our low melting point wax fragrance cubes. These bulbs can be found in many stores where light bulbs are sold.

Where can I purchase extra light bulbs?
Any small, candelabra-based 25 watt bulb can be used in your ScentSationals Warmer. You can pick them up at most stores where light bulbs are sold. Click for a picture of a small, candelabra-based 25 watt bulb.

Are ScentSationals Warmers ETL listed?
Yes, ScentSational Warmers are ETL listed, you can find the ETL sticker directly on the warmer and on the packaging the warmer comes in.

How do I switch the scented wax in a ScentSationals Warmer?
To recycle/re-use melted wax, simply remove the wax melting dish from the warmer and pour the wax into it's empty fragrance cube container. Otherwise discard the wax into a disposable container and wipe the dish clean with a paper towel, you are now ready to add a new fragrance cube.

Can I mix fragrance cubes of different scents?
Absolutely! It's similar to mixing two different flavors of jelly beans to create a whole new flavor. Simply choose your favorite ScentSationals fragrance cubes and put them into the warmer together, and viola! You have a fresh custom scent all your own.

How hot does the wax get?
The wax heats to just above body temperature. So while it feels warm to the touch, it will not burn you or your loved ones.

How long can I leave my ScentSationals warmer operating?
The ScentSationals warmer is a lamp with it's heat source being a 25 watt light bulb, so you can safely leave it on 24/7 if you choose.

Where are these available?
You can find ScentSationals Wickless Warmers and Fragrances in some Walmart Stores, all Hobby Lobby Stores and online at

Coupons? Sales? Promo Codes?
Join our email group and get announcements on deals and sales! Just email!

Old Fragrances Still Available?
Just because it is currently discontinued doesn't mean we won't ever make it again. We make the most popular scents for our customers. Follow us on facebook and join our email group to get announcements on upcoming fragrances and warmer designs!

Consulting/Sales Rep Opportunities?
Our business model is retail and web sales only. We are focused on that and have no plans to use a direct sales approach. While we know it is fun and can be lucrative to host home parties or use other direct selling methods in promoting this type of product, they tend to add layers of cost. Our goal is to provide the opportunity for EVERYONE to be able to afford and enjoy the product at the lowest cost possible, even on a limited budget. We feel going direct to the low-priced mass retailers is the best way to do that.

What is the difference between ScentSationals and other brands?
You can view are large selection of beautiful wickless candles and highly scented wax cubes at:!

Great tips:

      • Turn your warmer on for 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening to fill your home with your favorite fragrance. The scent will linger most of the day and conserve the fragrance in the wax so it lasts longer.


      • Another great idea is to use timers to turn the warmers on and off, that way you always have a fragrant home or office without having to remember to turn the warmer on or off. Be sure to use timers that are properly rated for this appliance.


      • You may use more than one cube in your warmer to add to the amount of fragrance released into the room. (our fragrances are strong enough that in most cases one cube will be perfect). Due to different sizes and capacities of fragrance trays in our warmers, we recommend starting by using one cube first, then adding more later as tray space and fragrance needs permit.


      • Be careful not to over-fill your warmer, as you don't want wax to overflow onto your counter or furniture. Some fragrances can stain so be careful!


      • Store your wax fragrance cubes in a cool dry place. Never leave them in a car or other warm location as the wax is designed to melt at low temperatures and could leak out of the container.

Frequently Asked Email Questions

Do you have anything similar to Frat House Fragrance?

Warmed Vanilla Fragrance from Walmart, anything comparable on website?
There isn't. Scentsationals Old Fashioned vanilla will be creamier.  Old fashioned vanilla is nice too, very similar to Old Fashioned Vanilla – a tiny bit more pungent. 

Do you ship outside the US?
We do not currently ship outside the US.  We are negotiating being able to ship to Canada; no current plans to negotiate other countries.  Do you have a friend in the US that could forward to you?  We do ship to APO/FPO boxes if you are in the Military.

Warm apple cider from walmart – out of Mulled Apple Cider, Hot Wassail, Apple Brandy, and Country Cider - which is the closest fragrance on your website?
Mulled apple cider is the same as hot wassail.  Apple Brandy is totally different.  Country cider would probably be the closest or even Comforts of Home.

I broke my Salsa Verde Warmer lid. It’s green and looks like the salsa on your website.  Which replacement lid fits best?  The red salsa lid will work, but of course the color does not match. 
Acanthus Cream lid looks the best and fits really well.  Contact us to see if we have any of these in stock.

Spiral Sterling Warmer from Walmart, lid broke.
Sterling lid looks pretty close in color, and fits pretty well.  Baroque Spiral lid fits best and looks good; however, this is not currently a replacement lid.  Country Star lid fits really well, but color is way off.  I would go with the Sterling until we get Baroque lids.

I just bought a new warmer this afternoon, but the wax is not melting. It has been on for several hours. What do I do?
Customer figured out the answer on her own: “Mystery solved!!! I turned off my ceiling fan to clean it... And the wax melted!!!”  If you don’t have a ceiling fan or air conditioner blowing near your warmer, check to make sure your bulb is 25 watt or 15 watt if it’s a plug-in.  All ok, take a picture of what the wax looks like after it’s been plugged in for about an hour.  Also take a photo from the side so we can see if there’s a gap between the lid and the warmer.  Email these photos to:

What are some Pleasant Masculine fragrances?
- Rebel
- Bamboo Forest
- Adventure
- Citrus & Sage
- Woodland Magic
- Fireside
- Mountain Oak
- Phenomenon = probably most strong of all of these
- Renegade
- Swedish Teak
- Tuscan Orchard
- Wild West = smells like worn leather

I just bought 2 warmers from Walmart and neither of them works.
If you have tried the warmers in different plugs in your home to make sure the electrical outlet is working, and have tested the bulb to make sure it's not just a burnt out bulb, please return the warmers to Walmart for a refund/exchange or in-store credit.  If they do not have the design you want, you could purchase a new one from our website.

Our fragrance specialist says it is the same as raindrops on our website.
You should still be able to find it at Walmart as well; maybe they’re just out.

Warmer with Love, Laugh, Learn, Live – square.  Broken Lid
Country Star Lid looks the best for color and style, English Garden Lid works pretty good with color.   Acanthus Brown Lid – style looks great, color is off.  Maybe Acanthus Cream would look better.

My warmer lid broke.  It’s the one with Laughter, Family, Love and Home written in cursive writing around it.  It’s a round warmer and the words are repeated twice. Do you have a replacement lid?
We do not have replacement lids for that design.  The English Garden lid will work and it has a scalloped edge too.  The color is slightly off; but looks pretty good.  Garden Swirl Cream looks pretty good too but it’s not a regular replacement lid on the website.  Call to see if we possibly have a random one sitting around if you would rather try that one.

Walmart design Classical Vase, Really Red Warmer Lid broke – what replacement lid fits?
You’re in luck, the top of your warmer is actually a really versatile size.  Here are several lids that fit pretty well.  Of course, the original is the best; but these will all work:
Red Salsa (looks best to me)
English Garden
Fleur De Lis (fits best)

I love Country Flower from Walmart.  Where can I find it now that it is discontinued?
Country sunflower was a BH&G fragrance.  We will have a fragrance called Flirty that will be similar to that fragrance.  Right now, I will have to check on the status of the label...we have the fragrance in house, just not poured.

Can the paint come off the lid when it gets hot?
That can happen, most likely on the handle, because on some warmers the handle is hand painted. The dish itself will never have that happen because it is glazed and fired. If it is a or wholesale customer, offer to replace the lid, otherwise advise them to go to the store they purchased it from and ask for an exchange.

What lid fits the Amaryllis Paperwhite BH&G design from Walmart? 
Acanthus Cream looks good and fits perfectly.  Color is slightly off.

I have had several requests for the new owl warmers, do you know if these will be available on the retail website for individuals purchasing for themselves? 
We will have several different sized Owl Warmers for wholesale buyers.  I believe Walmart has chosen a different designed Owl Warmer.  I do not know yet what will be available on the ScentSationals Retail Website”.

Can’t find Vanilla Cinnamon Sugar, is there one in your web line that is similar?
Maybe Sugar Cottage or just plain Cinnamon Vanilla.  Either of those may work, but are not the same fragrances.  It's possible to mix them both and come up with a fragrance you will like.

I don’t see the Baroque Spiral lid on your website as a replacement.  Can you recommend one? 
The Love Scroll lid looks good on the baroque spiral green warmer.  It gives a totally different look; but it works!

To determine a possible replacement lid for your warmer, measure across the opening (inside dimensions), and use a ruler to measure from the top lip of the opening to the top of the light bulb.  The lid should not touch the bulb; so make sure the depth is appropriate.
replacement lid dimensions and color:
Baroque: Round 3-3/4” diameter outside dimension, will fit 3-3/8” opening , ½” deep, antique bronzed metal color.  Has a stem in the middle.

I love Frankincense and Myrrh from Walmart.  Is Myrrh on your website close?
Walmart will probably continue to carry this fragrance; so keep checking there.  If you are not able to find it, you can order Date Night from our website.  Date Night is the closest fragrance to Frankincense and Myrrh.  Date night is not quite as intense, but the scent is very, very similar.

I purchased a warmer at Walmart and broke the lid.  I don’t see my warmer on your website, what can I do?
The replacement lids on our website are for the warmers sold on the website.  Many of them can be interchanged with other designs purchased at Walmart and Hobby Lobby.  You will want to measure across the hole (inside diameter).  Some lids are smaller than others and you wouldn’t want it to fall thru the hole.  Also measure down inside the warmer from the lip of the warmer down to the bulb (some lids are deeper than others and it shouldn’t touch the bulb).  With those two measurements, we could determine a guess at which lid would work best.  You are welcome to call or email your dimensions and the color and name of your warmer and we can do some measurements of our own to help you decide.

Is Honeysuckle from Walmart available on your website? 
Honeysuckle and Sweet Honeysuckle are the same fragrance just labeled differently for Walmart. Sweet Honeysuckle is a new fragrance and should be available soon.

Do you ship to Canada?
We don't currently ship to Canadian addresses but ARE in the process of establishing ourselves in Canada. We expect that product will be available to Canadian addresses in early June.

What is the closest to Evergreen Forest?
O’ Christmas Tree

Is there a scent on the website that is the same as warm crackling campfire?
Not the same as embers or fireside, but similar in theory as in they all smell like campfires.  Warm crackling campfire is sweeter than the other two.  Pomander and Dusk seem more in the same fragrance family as warm crackling campfire.  The girls in shipping think Dusk smells the closest.

Do you offer a print catalog of your products?
Thanks for your request.  Do you own a retail storefront?  If you have a retail store front, and are interested in buying wholesale, we do have a print catalog.  Please contact me at if this is the case.  If not, you can shop online at  We currently do not offer a print catalog to our retail customers.
Thanks for your request.  Do you own a retail storefront?

I would really like to know if your fragrances are all natural? And the color.. is it just food coloring?
Our wax is not all natural in the sense that we don't make our wax with essential oils. You will need to ask about a specific fragrance in order for us to get actual ingredients because every fragrance differs, and it takes us a few days to get the information because we have to ask for it from our fragrance house.
As for the dye used in the wax, it is a wax candle dye, it is not considered food grade, so I would not eat it, but it is safe for melting.
The wax is paraffin.  If more specifics are necessary, please request an MSDS sheet for a specific fragrance.  We can provide an MSDS sheet within a few days.

How often do you change the melted wax?
The waxes vary in potency of fragrance and how long they last.  Basically, just discard them when you can’t smell them anymore.  Do a test – walk outside and walk back in after several minutes.  If you can’t smell it, it’s time to change.  Sometimes we get used to the fragrance and can’t smell it as much.  But if someone else walks in the room, they could smell it. 

The instructions say to pull the plug out when not in use, is this really necessary?
To be extra safe, the instructions recommend removing plug (units with cord or on plug-in units) from the wall outlet.  The switch does turn the warmers off and should be sufficient on a daily basis.  If you are leaving for a significant amount of time (your discretion as to how long a significant amount of time is) you may want to pull the plug out for an added safety measure.  For sure, leave the plug-in connected until your wax cools and solidifies to avoid spillage.

I am looking to purchasing a automatic timer that is mentioned on the paper inside the product that I bought.. I do not see it on your website?
It does sound like we might sell those auto timers.  However, this is just a helpful hint about automatic timers that you can buy from hardware stores to turn lamps on and off while you’re away or whatever.  You would just turn the warmer to the ‘on’ position and use the timer to turn it on and off for the time you set.  Refer to the directions included with the particular timer you purchase for instructions for use.

What is the closest to fresh cut pine? 
Pine Forest.

How can I make the fragrance cubes last longer?  I use 3 cubes at once.
Are you using the ScentSationals warmer?  And ScentSationals Wax Cubes?  Many people say our scents last longer than other brands.  Certain fragrances last longer than others. You may want to try a different fragrance that is a bit stronger.  And you could possibly use less cubes at a time.  For larger areas, you may need 2-3 cubes.  The warmers are designed to work with 1 – 2 cubes on a regular basis.

My hardware store doesn’t have the plug in bulb, where can I get those? 
The small plug-in design warmer bulbs (15 watt 120 volt) are currently not available on our website; but can be ordered from until we replenish our stock.  The full size warmers use a 25 watt 120 volt bulb that can be purchased at a hardware store, or again on  We will have both of these bulbs on our site soon.  Do not use a nightlight bulb in the plug in warmers.  They don’t get hot enough

How do I get on your newsletter mailing list to receive info on specials? 
Create an account by going to our home page and clicking “New Customer” 
Enter your email and a password that you choose (6 or more digits with numbers and letters)
Enter your shipping info
Your account is created!
Then scroll down about halfway and look at the left side of the page.  There is a bar that has the word “Join” next to it.  Type your email address in and click “join”
You’re on the mailing list!
Also we have facebook and a blog where there are specials and freebies all the time:

Are the mini plug ins the same size as the rest of the plug in warmers?
Plug ins and Mini warmers (name is interchangeable, means the same thing) We do have a new size coming out called “My Warmer” that will be smaller than the full-size warmer, but will sit on a desk or countertop.
About what size are they as to depth for sticking out from the wall? About 4 inches out from the wall.  Size of warmer with plug is about 3 ½” x 5”

Also, is it okay to also use them only as a night light without any cubes in them?
The bulb is a 15-watt and is designed to be used 24/7 if you like.  So it’s up to you.  Nightlights are about 4-5 watt

Do they take a regular night light light bulb and do you place one whole cube in them or maybe half of a cube?
One full cube and you will need a 15 watt 120 volt bulb which can be purchased from until we get our shipment in.  Then you can order them at our website

So could you please tell me either the fluid ounces or the net weight of the package of the 6 cubes.
Varies, approximately 2.4 oz.

Can we contact you about Fundraising events?
We cannot do fund raisers due to our legal contracts.  We apologize.

Where can i find the old English Garden plugin design?
Older style of English Garden Plug-in can be found Hobby Lobby only.

On Jan 26, 2012 Is peppermint bark close to BH & G choc peppermint truffle?
Yes it is close but our mint chocolate mousse is closer. a

Why customers can’t use veg based or soy based candles in our warmers.
We have worked hard to make a safe product. Our wax has a higher melt point than either soy or vegetable based wax. Our warmers have been designed to work with that wax. The wax was formulated so that it could carry a higher fragrance load and to melt slower so that the fragrance would be protected and therefore last longer.
Soy based wax is very soft with a low melt point.  The fragrance in that wax won't last very long.  Vegetable wax is not stable and can explode thus should not be used at all.

If you have any suggestions for, or questions about our FAQ sheet please feel free to email us.


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